Electricity generation, distribution and economic growth in Australia

residential-lightingElectricity plays a very high distinctive role in the growth of any economy, thereby helping countries achieve their development agenda in the stipulated time frames. Over time, man has used various means and skills at his disposal in electrical power generation. With technological advancements, uses of electricity have been diversified from the traditional commercial use to more domestic uses. Electricians in Ballarat totally agree that with economic growth and commitments, comes a higher need for more electrical power generation. With minimal sources of power generation within its borders, Australia has had to grapple with high electricity power charges against a surging needy population and slow economic growth. Statistics available indicate that growth in electricity consumption in Australia has slowed remarkably since 2008. This has been greatly attributed to very high electricity prices vis-à-vis a slow economic growth.

Electricians in Ballarat have identified three major classes of power usages in Australia. These are:

Residential: This accounts to at least 23% of the total power usage in Australia. It’s sad noting that not all residential outlets have access or use electricity in this age and time. This has greatly been attributed to the high cost of domestic power installation and usage. With a huge percentage of the inhabitants living on a moderate scale life, electrical access doesn’t seem to be a priority element in their life. But it’s argued that with time this trend will turn to the better once the economy improves.

Manufacturing: This accounts for at least 45% of the total electricity usage. Manufacturing sector has always been the engine of most growing economies. This has not been the case in Australia. Electricians in Ballarat agree that manufacturing electricity consumption has been slow and in the recent past, been on the decline. This has had serious economic implications on the country, with a majority of inhabitants being left jobless. However, one strength that most manufacturing plants have embraced in order to remain valid, is by identifying and investing on new electricity generation models that are cheap, consistent and easily viable- such as wind and geothermal power.

Commercial: Research indicates that electricity consumption in the commercial and services sector has been on a steady increase in Australia. This has been highly attributed to growing investor confidence Australia has been drawing from its development partners. Though this has have a positive influence in the country, especially in the urban centers, electricians in Ballarat insists that there is still more that needs to be done if the country is to meet the its goals within the set time frames especially in the rural setting.

With a well trained, skilled, ready and growing workforce within its borders, and especially electricians, Australia is on the verge of economic take off. Government has put in place institutions that will help it achieve its economic goals. Heavy emphasis is currently being put on more generation and distribution of electricity countrywide. This has been identified as one of the growth pillars in Australia, with electricians in Ballarat totally agreeing with these observations.